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A Drama Group's Community Extravaganza!

Hey there, fellow drama enthusiasts! It's time to put on our brightest smiles and prepare for a whirlwind of community fun as Rats Drama Group teams up with Parkside Social Club for an epic line up of events that'll have everyone buzzing with excitement!

First up on our agenda of awesomeness is the eagerly anticipated Easter Egg Hunt Extravaganza! Picture this: kids darting through the park, giggles echoing in the air as they hunt down those elusive Easter eggs hidden in every nook and cranny. With Rats Drama Group and Parkside Social Club joining forces, this year's egg hunt promises to be bigger, better, and egg-stra special!

But wait, there's more! Get ready to cosy up under the stars for our Movie Nights in the Park series. From timeless classics to blockbuster hits, there's something for everyone to enjoy. And with delicious popcorn and refreshing drinks provided by Parkside Social Club, it's the perfect recipe for a magical evening of cinematic delight.

And let's not forget about those sizzling Summer BBQs that'll have taste buds tingling and mouths watering! Fire up the grill, crank up the tunes, and bask in the warm summer sun as Rats Drama Group and Parkside Social Club serve up a feast fit for kings and queens. Good food, great company, and even better memories – what more could you ask for?

But beyond the laughter and good times, what truly makes these events special is the spirit of collaboration that unites us. By joining forces with Parkside Social Club, we're not just organising events; we're building connections, fostering friendships, and strengthening our community ties.

Together, we're proving that when we work hand in hand, incredible things can happen.

And speaking of incredible things, let's not forget about the buzz surrounding our next big show in October! By teaming up with Parkside Social Club for these community events, we're not only spreading joy and laughter but also building our reputation and drumming up excitement for what's to come. With each event, we're showcasing the talent, creativity, and passion that define Rats Drama Group – and leaving everyone eagerly anticipating our next spectacular performance.

So, mark your calendars, spread the word, and get ready to join us for a series of unforgettable community events that'll have everyone talking. Rats Drama Group and Parkside Social Club are joining forces, and together, we're bringing the magic to our neighbourhood – one event at a time!

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