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Our wonderful Gill

"It's heart warming when you arrive for the first time at a rehearsal to be told that you are needed for the production! This was to be the first play produced by RATS.

Although I had only wanted to work behind the scenes, I was persuaded to take a very minor part in addition to working as the prompt.

It is rewarding to be part of such an interesting group, as every member of the cast is made to feel valued.

Kira and Ndullee enabled us to bond as a team through the shared experience of rehearsals, and the three evenings when the play was performed for a paying audience.

I was only too pleased that everyone had learned their lines so well that my input as the prompt was hardly needed.

And the reward for our hard work at rehearsals was the standing ovation at each performance.

I hope that the wonderful sense of shared achievement continues into our next production."

As the director of "Rats," I can't help but marvel at the extraordinary wisdom and insight that Gill, undoubtedly the wisest member of our group, brings to every scene. Gill's presence elevates the dynamics of our ensemble, infusing each moment with depth and nuance. Her ability to distil complex situations into simple truths is nothing short of remarkable, guiding our characters and audience alike through the intricacies of our narrative with unparalleled clarity.

Gill's wisdom isn't just a trait; it's a beacon that illuminates our storytelling, enriching every interaction and decision with profound meaning. In the world of "Rats," Gill stands as a sage, a mentor, and a voice of reason, reminding us all of the power of insight and understanding.

Basically when we are all in fits of giggles and having a silly moment (this happens a lot with our crazy little group,) Gill is often the wise one who anchors us back down.

She is a valued asset to our little group of Rats and another key member.

Showing that age is just a number and you can still achieve anything you put your mind to.

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